Louis Wu Knows What the Ladies Like

And he likes to link to it too.

We're not going to make assumptions.  Nope.  Louis Wu is a fine upstanding pillar of the Bungie community.  Great handshake too.  Really solid, all around.  So, who cares if he's really into cosplay?  I mean, we all have out things, right?

HBO - The Women of Halo

(Yeah, it's totally safe for work.)

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This Is The Way The World Ends

Clouds over Moscow.

Before you hit the link we should say that we have nothing to do with this.  Our top secret weather making machine is still in its pre-alpha phase.  That said, it's still pretty cool.  We just wanted to make sure you knew that it, you know, wasn't hearkening the end of all sentient life in the galaxy or anything like that.  At least we hope not.

This Is The Way The World Ends

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