HCFFC: Chaos Den

Halocharts is going deep.

You up for a challenge?

"Halocharts' Firefight Challenge Staff recently put together an brand new challenge for community at large. And just a quick note to all those players who think they've mastered it all...trust me, we've been running this one for over a week now and while we've got lots of players, I'm certainly not seeing anyone tearing into us for issuing the community a cakewalk. Hopefully you've completed the Campaign Level Data Hive, because this challenge takes place on the Chasm Ten map.

For this challenge we're way down deep below the surface; now, you'd better think your strategy through thoroughly or it's going to be a quick run. You'll need to determine if you're going to fight the Covenant forces from those narrow catwalks up above and where weapons are generally be a bit more scarce or try taking 'those bastards out from down below where there's a lot more running room and more potential to get showered with enemy fire and grenades flying at you from the enemies working on over from up above.

Fail this mission and there's a large hole already opened up to dump your sorry carcass. Gear up trooper and get to work.

For all the Rules and Requirements, jump here: http://halocharts.com/grouppages.php?group_id=3703&page=HCFFC5ChaosDen


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Nine Levels Underground

...and beyond.

Shake Appeal wrote a bunch of stuff about Halo 3: ODST's narrative. HBO hosted it. You should read it. The end.

Nine Levels Underground

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Teabag Prevention Presents

The Rest of The Mythic Map Pack.

Looks like Teabag Prevention Presents is rounding out their Halo 3 coverage. Up today, Heretic. Thanks to HBO for the heads up.

"So here it is, the rest of the Mythic Map pack. I know, I know, it's late, but it's better than never. I must say, it feels good to be back to regular ol' Halo 3, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and side... and like popping a few caps. Here's how to do that well on..."

Teabag Prevention: The Rest of The Mythic Map Pack - Week 1

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #64


Steve's outgunned this week. Check in at Hawty McBloggy to see what happens when he tries to cross the streams.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Fizzle (#64)

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Teabag Prevention Presents

Firefight - Windward.

HBO let us know that the exclamatory crew over at Geekscape! penned another prevention article. They're still focused on Firefight, so if you're having trouble snagging high scores against the Covenant invasion force, hit the jump and get some new tips and tricks.

Teabag Prevention Presents: Firefight - Windward

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #63


Not yet. Steve takes a page out of the Chief's repertoire in this week's Chronicles. Except he's also strapped with two lasers.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Protection (#63)

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #62

Face Off.

Nope, Travolta doesn't make an appearance in this week's Chronicles, but the table is set for a showdown of epic proportions. Check it out.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Face Off (#62)

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Teabag Prevention Presents

Firefight - Last Exit.

HBO dug up a bunch of sweet content over the weekend. They live to serve. This article should help you from getting served.

Teabag Prevention Presents: Firefight - Last Exit

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #61

Bug Problems.

Looks like Steve and the squad are about to have big bug problems. This one's all set up. I assume the punchline is coming soon.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Bug Problems (#61)

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HCFFC #4: Alpha Strife

Press your luck, Halocharts challenge style!

The Firefight Challenge Team at Halocharts.com has put together yet another challenge to test your meddle, tax your skills and press your luck.

"This challenge pushes you to take the fight to the invading Covenant forces in a hard-hitting, highly explosive manner. This challenge takes place on Alpha Site and is played on Heroic or Legendary difficulty only...

Rack up those multi-kills along the with all the other required objectives laid out on the challenge page to earn some nice and shiny awards for your Halocharts player page... If you think you got what it takes to do better than what we've dished out, play the challenge as prescribed and take a shot at completing the three bonus objectives that we've put out there to earn even more player page love. Of course if you've got some kind of monster ability in Firefight, there is always the highly coveted, and rarely awarded "Helljumper Awards". Jump over to Halocharts.com to check out all the challenge specifics and let's see if you're really as good as the ego you like to sport around with suggests.

Make sure you watch your back and do your best not to get caught in the crossfire."

Jump: http://halocharts.com/grouppages.php?group_id=3703&page=HCFFC4AlphaStrife

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Project: Conquest

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

HBO found this nice little video with some upward mobility. Looks like Anakade systematically scouted out all of the tallest buildings in New Mombasa and the proceeded to make each and every one his -blam!-. Up, up, and away!

YouTube - Project: Conquest

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Firefight Friday: Bunker Hill

In the Zone.

HBO's FyreWulff continues to make progress on his Firefight Friday web app. If you want to get your ODST on, he's made it easy. Just hit the link below and schedule your drop.

Firefight Friday: Bunker Hill

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #60

Demons Come In Black Too.

Today's Chronicles explores the religious nomenclature rooted in Unngoy culture. There's also some extra crispy Grunts. Check it out.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Demons Come In Black Too (#60)

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Firefight Friday: Lost Zoo

Up for a challenge?

HBO's FyreWulff prepped a new menagerie designed to deal death to any ODST daring enough to drop into Lost Platoon. No matter what difficulty you play on, he's got an animal that'll keep you engaged.  Jump into the ring!

"First week after launch, a new challenge for all difficulties! Drop into Lost Platoon and battle it out on foot - no vehicles are allowed. And have fun with the Wraith - the Laser has been banned from use.

The site is still in beta at the moment, but it's got a spiffy layout now. Should be out of beta in not too long."

Firefight Friday: Lost Zoo

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #59

The Best Laid Plans.

Looks like Steve's not only taking on the role of squad tactician, he's also an adept. Hit the link below to have his thoughts transferred directly into your cerebral cortex.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: The Best Laid Plans (#59)

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Mythic II Map Pack Now on Marketplace!

Heretic, Citadel, and Longshore make their stand alone debut.

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Master Chief Theater 3000: Episode 403

The dynamic duo does Uplift Reserve.

Once again, HBO has the lead on MCT3K's latest release. Episode 403 is all about Uplift Reserve. Go watch some people make fun of us. It only hurts us deep down on the inside.

YouTube - Master Chief Theater 3000: Episode 403

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Fyrewulff's Firefight Friday

Join us. Stop them.

HBO regular Fyrewulff wants to make it easier for you to start your weekend off with some Friday night Firefight. Head over to HBO to get all the details.

Firefight Friday

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Keep it Clean

In the bedroom.

Hawty McBloggy's mind is almost always in the bedroom, so it make sense that's she's scared up one fan's take on a SI-themed bedspread.  Pretty nice custom work at the jump below.  And of course, plenty of blue humor.

Keeping It Clean in the Bedroom

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #58

Two Face.

Real men wear pink.  Real bad ass men carve skulls into their visors.  Looks like Steve's squad got the memo.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Two Face (#58)

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HaloCharts Firefight Challenge 3

Choke Point.

Played on Rally Point (night) with a completely new set of objectives...

New Mombasa has indeed seen better days and before you have the chance to think you'll catch a break, the Covenant have come back once again to ruin everyone's day. Now focused on getting into ONI's Alpha Site, Covenant forces are dropping in fast and hitting hard.

Troopers, it's your job to rally up at Alpha Site's entrance and crush every notion of them gaining access.
Unfortunately the magic pill you'll need to swallow in order to pull this one off is a jagged one. Don't Choke!

HCFFC 3: Choke Point

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Tag and Release - Hero

We can be heroes.

This week's Tag and Release selections are all taken directly from our "Be a Hero" campaign.  You came, you saw, you got all kinds of charitable on that ass. Check out just a handful of heart filled screens you put on offer.


Full Party Win

Buck <3's UNSC

Fighting for a Cause

Ready to Roll

Through Fire and Flame

Divine Light

Heart of a Spartan

Helljumper's Pride

There's plenty more where these came from.  Just hit the Community Files collection and search for the tag, "Hero." If yours was chosen as one of our favorites, you should expect to hear from us soon. If you don't hear from us and you participated, thanks for playing!

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #57

Cry Havok.

Steve and the Space Pickle find themselves in a bit of a...well, you know this week.  Hit the jump below and get clear.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Cry Havok (#57)

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Be a Hero!

Help us help Haiti.

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #56

City Planning.

Sarge and company discuss urban architecture, dairy processing, and nuclear arms in this week's Chronicles of ODS Steve.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: City Planning (#56)

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