Project Magma Releases Myth II 1.7.2 Public Beta

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Project Magma, the group of fans who volunteer their time to help keep the Myth game series alive and updated for modern day systems, has just released the second Public Beta for their upcoming Myth II version 1.7.2 update, and they need your help! Their news release is below:

"The second public beta of Myth II 1.7.2 is now available. Everyone is encouraged to install it and help test the next version of Myth II. It is compatible with previous versions, so you don't have to worry about any red games. A summary of the changes from previous versions can be viewed here. The goal is to find any bugs, so that we can fix them before the final version. To contribute feedback please join us on our forums.

For those who might not remember the Myth gaming series, pop over to Project Magma's What Is Myth? page, and also check out the Myth Wikipedia section."

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Bungie Day Gamerpics and Theme on XBL

Download the limited-time only Bungie Day '08 Themes and Gamerpics on Xbox Live Marketplace now.

Download those seven Gamerpics on Xbox Live Marketplace now. The Bungie Day '08 Theme and Gamerpics will only be available on Bungie Day only. Get 'em while you can.

Mazzarin's Demise VI released!

Great_Pretender writes:

The largest and most popular endurance coop in the Myth community just got a huge upgrade! Mazzarin's Demise VI has been released!

Download it here! Note that if you still have 1.5.1, you need to upgrade to 1.6. The public beta is available here!

I can personally vouch that this plugin is rather fun, especially in a large team who knows what they're doing. Want a large team? No doubt everyone at will be playing it! Join in the fun!

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Myth World Cup 2006

Have you been looking for a good excuse to get your Myth back on? Well, now certainly is a good time to do so, because Myth World Cup is here again! MWC06 is now open for registrations, so head over to and come compete for the 1000$ grand prize!

Myth World Cup is here again!

Have you been looking for a good excuse to dust off that good old Myth 2 cd of yours? Well, now certainly is a good time to do so, because Myth World Cup is here again! MWC06 is now open for registrations, so come compete for the excellent prizes we have! We are expecting to have the same amount of teams as previous years, which is around 30. The tournament organizing crew is the same gang that organized MWC04. We are following the good old MWC pattern, but we have made some new exciting changes to freshen up the experience.

The registration will stay open for three weeks and the tournament will start in early June. The tournament is expected to end in August as usual. Make sure you check out our prizes section, because this year we also have a 1000$ grand prize for the winners of this tournament! We also have several smaller money prizes that we are giving out for the player with the best ratios and for the person who writes the best article.

Head over to and sign up your team or go look for one!

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Myth Tournament 2005

The date for the upcoming [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=4569014]Myth Tournament[/url] has been announced as Saturday 5th November. Check out the details, and be sure to be there!

The date for the upcoming [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=4569014]Myth Tournament[/url] has been announced as Saturday 5th November. Check out the details, and be sure to be there!

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Myth Tournament 2005

Ghandi 2 writes:

Sometime in the coming weeks, a Myth tournament will be hosted on MariusNet. It is open to anybody who has Myth 2, is willing to be civil, and wants to have fun playing Myth. Read all about it and sign up [url=]here[/url].

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! Good Luck to all who participate and remember: Have fun!

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Myth World Cup 2k5

Yes folks, it's that time of the year again, where the myth community throws it's annual Myth World Cup.

Yes folks, it's that time of the year again, where the myth community throws it's annual Myth World Cup. Calling new players, and old back to the playing field, to participate in the greatest Myth Worldwide Competition. Now come on and think, how many of you old schoolers remember the great Myth: TFL, and Myth 2: Soulblighter days, and how much fun Tournaments were back then. Well, this is a chance to bring back some of those good memories by coming around later this may, head over to to hear about the latest and greatest of the Tournament happenings!! Head over to Www.Playmyth.Net for new's on Myth!! Hope to see you there!

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Myth II Version 1.5.1 Released Along With New Demo

Project Magma is proud to announce a new update and demo of Bungie's classic addictive real-time tactical game, Myth II: Soulblighter. [url=] Find out more and grab the new demo for some old school carnage! [/url]

Project Magma is proud to announce a new update and demo of Bungie's classic addictive real-time tactical game, Myth II: Soulblighter. The update, version 1.5.1, builds on the already-excellent gameplay of the classic title by adding new features and fixing long standing bugs, rendering the Myth experience that much more enjoyable. Along with the update, comes a new demo that takes advantage of all the improvements Myth II has received throughout its lifespan, and sporting two solo levels and multiplayer capability for hours of online carnage. [url=] Find out more about Myth II: Soulblighter 1.5.1 and grab the new demo! [/url]

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Myth world cup 2004!

Once again Spring is reaching it's end and Summer is right around the corner, and so is this year's Myth World Cup! It's time to dust off your Myth2: Soulblighter CD and fire up the game. Because of last years surprisingly good turnout we are once again hosting this mother of all tournaments. I know you all are looking for a good excuse to get your myth back on, and here it is!

Head over to [url][/url] and register your team! And why wouldn’t you? This year we have a $1000 prize for the winning team! It is the biggest prize ever that’s been given away in a Myth tournament and also probably one of the best available in any internet gaming tournament. And if that isn't enough, we also have some other monetary and Myth related prizes available. So go to the Mwc2004 website and register. Good luck, and let the carnage begin!

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5 Years of Myth

5 Years of Myth

Five years ago, Bungie released the Myth: The fallen Lords demo, giving many gamers their first experience. In celebration of this event, Mariusnet is hosting a party. Conner Writes:
To help celebrate the occasion, Mariusnet is hosting a P A R T Y ! ! ! BYOB - but be sure to swing by here to check out all the details. Turning five is no small feat, so we'll be celebrating the night of Friday November 8th on thru all day Saturday to make sure our European Mythers can join in on the fun. We'll be running another Co-Op challege that was so popular for the Mariusnet One Year Anniverary (details to come), and we hope to see some long lost friends.

<sniff> seems like yesterday. Our kids are growing up so fast...

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The Myth Vault Forums

The Myth Vault Forums

Update: Achronos has informed me that the Myth Vault Forums will not be coming back. The traffic there died out months ago, so there is not much of a need for them any longer, especially with the spiffy new forum system.

-Big Bad Biker Momma

I know this isn't used much, but the server running the Myth Vault open source development forum is offline. It is being worked on, but I have no ETA. So, in case you were wondering, that's why you can't get to the Myth Vault forum.

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Orders For Myth?

Orders For Myth? is reporting that Team and MythForums have teamed up to support Orders for Myth and Myth II on the server. Now wouldn't it be helpful if we had a global account system shared between Bungie and all fan sites? Psyrixx thinks it would be.

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3rd Party Myth II Server!

3rd Party Myth II Server!

Spire just wrote in to tell us that's and's Myth II game server is up and running and ready for testing. That's good news indeed! Head to for more info and log in instructions.

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Marty playing requests...

Marty playing requests...

You asked for it, Bungie's own Marty O'Donnell has made available the sheet music to The Siege of Madrigal. It's short, it's simple, but oh-so-powerful. Click here to get the notation.

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New Accounts

New Accounts

Conner has stated on the site that they'll be accepting new registrations for this weekend only. If you've been itching for a real account on their server then this is your opportunity. Don't blow it!

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Marius Net Interviewed

Marius Net Interviewed

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Myth Series 3/1/2002 8:34 AM PST Site Site

I just noticed an interesting site I hadn't seen before, This site is providing a service to those without their own web tools, a mission dear to our hearts. If you have a Myth-playing Seventh Column chapter you may want to consider getting a forum for your chapter hosted at their site, since we don't have them here (yet!).

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Korean Myth Fan Site

Korean Myth Fan Site

A great new Myth fansite has come on the scene, There's one catch--it's all in Korean. Once you get past the language barrier there's a lot there to see though, so be sure to visit. (Thanks to for the heads up.)

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Myth II Server Shut Down

Myth II Server Shut Down

Last night the Myth II game server was shut down once and for all. Some of us at Bungie met each other there, and met some of our best friends there. We too shall mourn it's passing. Yet we hope the seeds of friendship so many Myth players have planted will grow and someday blossom.

There is already an alternative server at where you can play Myth and Myth II online. Since we released the source code there has been a great deal of activity at The Myth Vault (/site/3) developing additional 3rd party servers. And of course there's the Seventh Column (/site/2), a site to help you maintain your circles of friends. We encourage all Myth players to participate in these projects and sites and help us build Bungie's future community.

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Myth Vault Overhaul

Myth Vault Overhaul

Two big announcements today: we're officially shutting down the Myth II metaserver on the 15th, but we're also open sourcing the server code. To help people that want to develop and run their own servers we've overhauled the Myth Vault, finally shutting down the old web server but adding a site that we hope will become the heart of the Myth server development community. Even better, this site is home to Bungie's first ever forum! Nothing too fancy just yet, but be sure to read the top story above and check out the site.

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Myth Game Server Open Source

Myth Game Server Open Source

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Myth: TFL Compilation CD

Myth: TFL Compilation CD

The Myth Village and are reporting that Grounds for Assault 2, a CD compilation of Myth: The Fallen Lords maps, editors, films, music, tutorials, updates, and more, is available for just shipping and handling costs. Visit this post at for more information.

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FILEBALL Launches, Mill Returns

FILEBALL Launches, Mill Returns

Our old friend Gary Simmons writes: "Attention Gamers: A new era in community online gaming has just arrived! Introducing FILEBALL, a game players and mod makers comprehensive automated online game file archive and information resource. You might recognize us, we've been around before under a different name. This is not just another stinking Internet burial pit for your original game maps, plug-ins and add-ons. This is a fully interactive and customizable online database community where you can present your own hard work to the world or download the work of others. You can get valuable feedback via user ratings, full reviews or on the Fileball forums.

You have FULL PERSONAL CONTROL over your own gaming files. Submit them when you want, removing or replacing them as YOUR need arises. Membership in Fileball is absolutely FREE and only requires an easy registration process for full member benefits! Non-members may download any of the files as well as rate them for the community. We are mod makers ourselves, we built Fileball as a mod makers dream machine and we want to share it with you.

The Fileball community experience is unrivaled. Each game inhabits its own distinctive web site suited to the particular game it represents, yet each site shares the same database, membership roster and central organizational hub. Envision Fileball as ancient Greece with each of the game sites as one of the City-States. As such, each unique game site fosters a community feel in a larger environment without all the hemlock, wooden horses and sweaty guys in short skirts.

Online at this juncture of the time-space continuum at Fileball:
  • The Mill - all your favorite Myth Plug-ins, Maps, Recordings and Utilities
  • The Sims! - Skins, Furnishings, Full House Packs and Utilities
  • Lh'owon Ar'kives - all the Marathon maps, utilities, TCs and net maps.
  • Liandri Depot - Tons of Unreal Tournament mods and utilities.
  • Quake, War/Starcraft and Halo is in the works but YOU decide what game mods you want next at Fileball!

Immortalize your work, download your next favorite game add-on, or shout out to the world in the forums! Visit Fileball today at

Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat

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