Black Friday Bungie Store Deals

Dropping discounts and delivering Holiday cheer!

On Black Friday, we’re dropping some new Bungie Aerospace gear into the Bungie Store. Just in time for the Holidays, we’re also dropping prices on a few of our favorite things. Get it while it’s hot, though – these Black Friday Bungie Store deals run from 11/26 through 11/28 only (newness available while supplies last).

New Stuff!

  • Bungie Aerospace Tee
  • Greetings from Aerospace Tee
  • Per Audacia Ad Astra Tee
  • Aerospace Baseball Tee
  • Superintendent Ornament
Deep Discounts!

  • All Bonobo tees (was $19.00, now $12.99)
  • All Property of Bungie tees (was $19.00, now $12.99)
  • All Many Moods tees (was $19.00, now $12.99)
  • All Superintendent tees (was $19.99, now $14.99)
  • All Bungie Classic Ringer tees (was $19.99, now $14.99)
  • All Marathon Black Hoodies (was $39.99, now $19.99)
  • Bungie Crest Flashlight (was $9.99, now $7.99)
And don’t just finger the merch. Get over to the Bungie Store this Friday and buy your mom something nice this year. She totally deserves it! (Trust us.)

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Where's Mah Elite Officer Pre-Order Bonus?!

If you picked up Limited or Legendary, step inside.

If your Elite Officer armor is not properly unlocked in game please redownload the content using the following steps:

1. Open the Guide
2. Go to the Settings Tab
3. Go to Account Management
4. Go to Download History
5. Select the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Bonus Content
6. Select Download Again
7. Once the download is complete restart Halo: Reach

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How to Give Good Feedback

Help us, help you.

So you’ve downloaded the Halo: Reach Beta, played some games, and now you want to sound off. Great! We want to hear from you. Here are a few tips to help you make your voice heard.
Be Succinct
Cut to the chase. As you can see, our Beta Feedback forums are awash in lengthy reviews, passionate diatribes, and totally doable feature requests. Make your subject line clear and concise and it’ll help your feedback cut through the muck.
Good Feedback

Subject: Stockpile Scoring Issue

Body: In Stockpile someone else on your team can pick up flags you’ve placed in the stockpile and put them back to get credit for the score.

Oh, that’s not cool. We’ll fix it for ship. Good feedback!
Great Feedback
The only thing that would have made the above even better would be a link to a Saved Film showing the exploit in action. In fact, every good report is made better by simply attaching a relevant Film Clip and the link to the game itself from your history page.

Like this.

Since doesn’t automatically link the two, please include the Saved Film AND the link to the game in question from your stats page.

A good example of the effectiveness of this method is spawn reporting. A thread about how spawns “totaly suk” isn’t all that helpful. A thread highlighting a particularly egregious spawn you experienced while you were hanging out in the Rock Garden on Powerhouse, complete with a link to the game in question and a Film Clip of the event occurring right before our very eyes, is exactly the sort of thing we’re looking for.
Not so Good Feedback

Subject: “Who misses the legendary BR?”

Over the last week i have been thinking after looking at some game play footage what the ... have Bungie done why have they tried to make a game like CoD. But since i have got the beta I am surprised to say i am totally wrong it is still halo but i am sad to see the end of the LEGENDARY BR!!

What do we learn from this kind of feedback (aside from the obvious stuff I won’t cover for fear of badly bruising a young child’s ego)? Well, nothing. Matters of opinion are all fine and dandy, but they’re not very constructive and they don’t provide us with any useful data. The same goes for overly elaborate posts that break down the current weapons palette, bullet-by-bullet, with explicit instructions regarding potential modifications that you feel would make them better. We’ll be able to see exactly how effective or ineffective each weapon is using the wealth of statistical data we are collecting.

Reviews of our work-in-progress beta software, both positive and negative, are welcome, but we ask that you keep them isolated to the Review Thread we’ve pinned so feedback and bug reporting doesn’t become buried under the tremendous weight of your glowing praise or damning criticism.
Done Before
It should also be noted that the issue you’re reporting has likely already been identified. Take a minute to search the Beta Feedback Forum and glance at our thread setup to cover and consolidate known issues.

Re-posting known issues only serves to push other relevant topics off the front page, making them more difficult to find. You aren’t getting sweet credit for being first, you’re likely making it more difficult for us to key in on relevant issues, including your own. Zero e-credits for you.

Seek out established threads where users are already discussing the issues you’re experiencing and it will be much appreciated. Feel free to add your own data and link us to any relevant film clips you have so we can see the problem first hand. Naturally, threads covering widespread issues should bubble up to the top and stay afloat.
Be Nice!
We really shouldn’t have to tell you this. It’s just good common sense. People are more inclined to listen to you if you communicate with them respectfully. Verbal diarrhea and vitriolic rants are not only unhelpful, they’re also uncivilized. The intent of our feedback forum is to give our awesome users a sounding board to let us know what’s not up to snuff for retail release. Wading through your typographically challenged rant makes that a significantly less than enjoyable experience. More importantly, it requires that we sift through useless information to get to the good stuff.

Please play nice. We can and will nuke you with the Banhammer. And we'll enjoy it. We’re cranky like that.

Oh, and one more thing. While we’re definitely interested in gauging the community response to the Halo: Reach Beta, some things are ultimately subjective and implemented by design. If you’re furiously typing up a tome with the belief that your expert opinion on weapon balance or fundamental game mechanics desperately needs to be heard, you’re likely throwing your keystrokes away.

We are listening, we are watching, but we are not going to make major changes based on your day one review – even if you have a really high k/d ratio, tens of thousands of Halo 3 games tallied, and credentials that date back to the halcyon days of Halo: CE.

Thanks for playing the Beta and thanks for the feedback.

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Halo 3 Beta FAQ

Phases one and two of the Halo 3 beta registration are now closed. However, many questions remain about the beta itself as well as further chances to get in. Here, we do our best to answer those questions.

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Security Alert

It has been brought to our attention that someone is sending fake emails form "" (we're actually and we never email you about your account details or security.) and we have to assume the sender of the mails, often with a zip file attachment, is up to no good. Simply delete and ignore them and never, ever open a file from a sender you don't know or trust.

The content of the email may look like this:

Dear user frankie,

It has come to our attention that your Bungie User Profile ( x ) records are out of date. For further details see the attached document.

Thank you for using Bungie!

The Bungie Support Team

Again, these mails are not from us, they're from some jackass. Ignore them.

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