Tag and Release - 'Annual'

You don't need a degree in Archeology to uncover the gems other players have left behind.

If you're not using the newly tweaked tag tools to dig up sweet content on Bungie.net, then you're doing it wrong.  But don't toss out your wool fedora just yet.  As we've already announced, the once daunting task of sifting and sorting content has been simplified.  From the All Tags link found under the Bungie Online heading, you can utilize the tools in your kit to conduct broad, category-wide searches, or to delicately dust off your artifacts with a supple brush and find the exact content you're looking for.

How do I drop-down?

You can fiddle with the various knobs and levers as much as you like.  Here's a somewhat refined assemblage of assets we discovered by searching for the Highest Rated files found under the tag "annual."

Achievement Boosting - Courtesy of the Covenant Ghost

And yeah, we know, you have way better screenshots in your fileshare. That's sweet because the same tools expounded on above allow you to tag your own awesome content. Do it properly and you won't have to rely on verbalization to sell your stuff - it'll automatically rise to the top as other player's start digging it up, rating it, and adding meaningful tags of their own.

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New Halo 2 Maps Revealed!

At last we reveal the two downloadable Halo 2 maps coming later this year. And no, it's not an April Fool's. Screens and info inside.

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Halo 2 Vista Section Goes Live

The Halo 2 Vista page has just gone live on Bungie.net! In it you can find a screenshot gallery, an about page and an FAQ that holds everything we've addressed thus far on Halo 2 Vista. Along with this update, the web team has also added the long-awaited search function that encompasses the whole site!

Go check out Halo 2 Vista in all its glory in the screenshot gallery and then search for naughty words, in that order. You know you want to.

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