The Bungie Podcast: 08/16/07
Posted by lukems at 8/16/2007 2:11 PM PDT

The “If, then” show: AI Programmer Damian Isla is welcomed aboard this week’s Bungie Podcast. On this week’s show, Damian explains how the AI in Halo 3 works, how Equipment changed his job and how Halo 3’s AI has changed from Halo 2 to Halo 3.

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Bungie Podcast 081607, 1:02:34, 71.6 MB

1:20 – Meet AI Programmer Damian Isla
6:25 – How n00b members of the press play Halo 3
7:28 – Differences between Halo 2 and Halo 3’s AI
10:12 – The “Garage” Encounter on Tsavo Highway – think tons of Brutes
11:33 – How AI works, boiled down to simple terms so that we can understand
13:52 – Conveying the intelligence of AI to the player
20:22 – The evolution of the Brute pack structure
26:03 – The dynamic AI of Halo 3’s Covenant Scarab
29:50 – How Niles Sankey sets a scene for a Scarab encounter
36:17 – Fake commercial break, without a fake commercial
37:23 – More on Ske7chZork, his self-created Junior High text adventure
38:20 – Ske7ch is a high roller in NYC
43:00 – Ske7ch and Epic’s Cliffyb are BFF
45:25 – What Luke really does after work
47:02 – Playing with fire in an earlier time in Halo 3
48:55 – Reader Mail
1:01:17 – Sign-offs and farewells
Bungie Podcast - Noble Map Pack Edition 

Posted by urk at 12/2/2010 2:01 PM PST

This is all for show.

Bungie Podcast: 12/02/10

Derek Carroll, Sam Jones, and Jason Sussman weigh in on life, love, and the pursuit of crafting perfect Noble Map Pack play spaces in this truncated, adults only version of the Bungie Podcast.

Bungie Podcast 120210 (0:33:35) [32 MB]

The Mayish Bungie Podcast! 

Posted by urk at 6/3/2010 9:52 AM PDT

Breaking down the Beta.

Yup, so we didn't quite make the May deadline we set for ourselves, but whatever...get off our backs! You'll get the podcast when it's good and ready. Like now.

"Lukems bails, leaving Sketch and Urk in the lurch with designers Christoper P. Carney, Josh Hamrick, and Ultra Overlord, Chris Gossett. Talkin' 'bout all the Halo: Reach Beta Postgame Carnage."

The Mayish Post-Beta Podcast

It's the Bungie Podcast! 

Posted by urk at 4/19/2010 5:28 PM PDT

Now with new theme!

Bungie Podcast: 04/19/10

Derek Carroll talks about the rules that run the game, Dave Candland interfaces with his fans, and Luke "Froman" Timmins answers all the right questions about Reach's under-the-hood upgrades.

Bungie Podcast 041910 (1:29:49) [82 MB]

iTunes, as always, coming soon-ish.

It's the Bungie Podcast! 

Posted by urk at 3/29/2010 10:33 AM PDT

Doubling up in the month of March.

Bungie Podcast: 03/29/10

Multiplayer designer Chris Carney settles into our studio to cough up all the details about Reach’s multiplayer direction and Sandbox Lead Sage Merrill has a sit in our hot seat to tackle twenty questions designed to dig into Reach's deadly upgrades.

Bungie Podcast 032910 (1:16:38) [70 MB]

That's three on the year, suckers, and we've already got the fourth in the can. Stay Tuned to all week for more Halo: Reach information!

The February-ish Bungie Podcast! 

Posted by urk at 3/9/2010 3:45 PM PST

Better late than never.

Bungie’s Audio Lead, Jay Weinland drops in on the Bungie Podcast to talk about the audio improvements for Reach and the process of bringing real and hyper real audio to life. Oh, and we whine and moan about the selection of drinks on offer in the Bungie kitchen. Because we're babies.

Bungie Podcast 030910 (0:46:52) [45 MB]

Like what you're hearing? Sound off in the discussion thread attached. As always, iTunes coming soon.


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