Halo Action Figures
Posted by Sketch at 1/20/2003 7:48 AM PST

Halo Action Figures

By SketchFactor
Monday, January 20th, 2003, 3:48 PM

Let's face it - no one ever really outgrows toys. The best toys are fun, fascinating and so cool-looking as to be utterly distracting. And when you "grow up," you don't have to beg your parents or write a letter to Santa to get the toys you want; you can just go to the store and buy them with your own money. But the very concept of toys has long been a sore spot for Bungie fans, mainly because for years there were no Bungie toys to buy. Sure, the games themselves could be considered toy-like in the sense that they provided entertainment - but while the Bungie Store stocked t-shirts, hats, posters and even keychains, there were never any toys . No UESC Marathon action figures, no Tickle-Me Surly Dwarf, and no Rock-Em-Sock-Em Konoko. Today we take the first step in remedying this deplorable state of affairs. Earlier this morning, Joyride Studios announced they've entered into a licensing deal with Microsoft and Bungie Studios to produce collectible Halo figures and vehicles.

This news is doubtless extremely welcome for those of you who have inundated us with requests for Halo toys, and we can't blame you for wanting more information than is available in the press release. Well, those of you who've been following Bungie for a while now know that we like to keep quiet about products in development, and these new toys fall squarely in that category. They're not finished yet, and much could change by the time they get to market. But it's safe to say that you'll probably hear (and see) a lot more about these toys when the annual Toy Fair convention opens next month.

And if you feel like a month is a long time to wait for a glimpse of the toys you've been dreaming about for months...we agree. So, in the spirit of going the extra mile for our loyal fans, we're proud to share with you this bungie.net exclusive photo: a prototype of our Cortana figure. Keep in mind that, as a prototype, a lot about this figure could change before you get your hands on it, and several key touches are currently absent. Her paint isn't final, for example, and this shot doesn't show any of the data streams on her body. But even in this unfinished state you can get an idea of the detailed sculpting (by Curt Chiarelli of Chiarelli Studios, who worked closely with Bungie's own artists) and the beauty of this figure when the light in the base is turned on. Yes, you read that correctly: Cortana glows.

We could say more, but we think this picture speaks for itself. We hope you enjoyed this taste of what's to come, and we urge you to check back with us here at Bungie.net for more exclusive news about our line of Halo toys.

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