Spotlight on Swag!
Posted by Frankie at 2/21/2006 4:33 PM PST

Spotlight on Swag

Our recent video tour of the office prompted a lot of mail, enquiring not only about our offices, but about the enormous amount of Bungie swag we have lying around. Many of you weren't even aware that we actually sell Halo-branded coolness at our Bungie Store – including clothes that you can actually wear out in public without fear. It's all good quality stuff, but we're not in the business of shoving our frippery down your throat.

That said we don't mind showing off our favorite things now and then.

The stuff shown here is an assortment of new arrivals and classic goodies on sale right now, but you can find oodles of other fancy swag at the store . Also note that only the Fight the Flood t-shirts were for charity, the rest of this stuff is for profit. Somebody, somewhere is driving around in a Ferrari thanks to this stuff. But it ain't us.

Although if you're ever in Kirkland, WA, and you see someone standing on a street corner wearing or using half of this stuff, that's probably one of us, putting our money where our mouth is.

Halo Backpack

Big enough to store two SMGs, four frag grenades, several spare shirts, bandages, clean underwear and a water bottle, the Halo backpack, manufactured in ballistic nylon by Ogio, bears the Halo logo in silvery gray on the front pocket. It also has secret compartments for all your swag, including MP3 player, cellphone, keys and sunglasses. In short, the best possible accessory for a trip to Elysium on Eridanus-2.

Red Oddball Tee

Wear this to Abercrombie and Fitch and make the posers jealous as they wonder why their varsity doesn't include a sport where you run around a nightmarish battlefield blasting opponents and clubbing them to death with a human skull. Sure, Lacrosse is weird, but it's not that weird. Also available in Blue.

Master Chief "Tuxedo" Shirt

TV tells us we can lose literally dozens of pounds simply by eating deli sandwiches and adopting a sensible regime of fluid intake and exercise. Thing is, to me, that's too much pastrami and corned beef. Screw the deli sandwiches, I say, and instantly pack on the titanium Kevlar muscle you've been dreaming of, with this Master Chief "tuxedo" T-Shirt.

Zanzibar Girlie Tee

Trick your girlfriend into being a game geek with this hip, happening, curve-enhancing Zanzibar Girlie tee. Featuring a retro vacation motif, non Halo fans will think she's just a hipster who may or may not have vacationed on the sub tropical African island. Halo players though, will stare either in admiration at her Halo skillz, or simply because the tee makes her look hawt.

Long Sleeve Zanzibar Tee

Part 1970's vacation memento, part retro future fantasy, the Zanzibar T-Shirt is one of the few video game T-Shirts on earth unlikely to hinder your progress with the opposite sex. We're not saying you'll get lucky wearing one, we're just suggesting your fortunes might improve.

Grunt Water Bottle

Sometimes, when a great-grunty thirst takes hold, you have to go straight to the feeding nipple. This Grunt-adorned drinking bottle can be filled with anything it is legal to drink in your county, state or solar system.

Legendary Beer Stein

Sometimes your thirst is more Legendary than Grunty. In which case you'll need this Legendary-themed Halo beer stein to ensure your passage to Valhalla, or you could just fill it with diet soda. We're not fussy. Either way it's definitely tougher than a sippy-cup. Holds one liter of Romulan ale, or other famous fake alien beverage.

But that's not all. We have some very cool hoodies coming up, including zipped and pocketed ones, as modeled right here by the delectable Bungie Princess. More news on these very soon.

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