The First Halo 3 Humpday
Posted by Anonymous User (Deleted) at 9/21/2006 5:06 PM PDT
KPaul writes:

This week we intended to have a match against Will Clan 4 Food , but unfortunately last night most of our developers were busy burning the midnight oil in the studios or actually having lives somewhere like jerks. Therefore, we’ve put that Humpday off for a little bit and in order to compensate we decided to have a Halo 3 Humpday.

You WILL NOT find new Halo 3 material in this write-up, it’s just for fun. If you are let down to find no new Halo 3 information in this write-up, you’ll have only yourself to blame.

Six separate Bunglers faced off in these duels on three different maps. Joe Staten took on Frank O’Connor, Bentllama battled New0001 and Ninja 0n Fire faced KP. The map names are still subject to change and therefore have not been included.


Game 1:
CENSORED, normal weapons
Game Duration: Forevers
General Tone of Game: Epic

This took place on a long, medium-sized map which seems at first a bit too large for a head to head game but the nature of the map leads to an interesting duel nonetheless. There wasn’t a lot of sneaking going on here, both were running right out into the open and just unloading on the other with everything they had.

Occasionally, Joe would pick up a rocket launcher, but each time he busted it out, Frankie was quick to take him down with whatever weapon he had, though mostly the assault rifle coupled with a grenade and/or a melee. Frankie led 24 - 15 for about 3 minutes before they finally found each other. Joe was yelling in his best grunt voice, “I’m a cowardly fool!” and sneaking around to avoid giving Frankie the last kill.

Finally, in the most absurdly dramatic final kill ever, the two took opposing gravity lifts which propelled them past each other in mid-air. They fired a few rounds and lowered each others’ shields but didn’t do significant damage. They then got back onto the lifts and vaulted at each other again, this time both forgoing their Assault Rifles for the plasma grenade and BOTH hitting their mark by sticking the others’ face. Coolest final kill ever.

25 to 16. Frankie wins.


Game 2:
CENSORED, normal weapons
Game Duration: 7:77
General Tone of Game: Griefed

Animator vs. Designer, or more to the heart of the matter: Griefer vs. Serious Player. When we want to test maps for jerk-proofing, we call in Bentllama. Alternatively, New0001 is one of the better Halo 3 players in the office; he’s the kind of guy we call upon when we’re testing balance issues. So he was liking the symmetrical nature of the map, so all things being equal he should have the best chance to win.

But things are never as expected when you’re facing Bentllama. He employs his own brand of psychological warfare, which takes its toll against a serious player over time. New0001 started off the game doing quite well, taking nearly a ten point lead. At that point, Bentllama simply became bored with being shot in the face so he started having a little bit of fun with the debug menu.

He found a small room and then executed a command that drops all objects. If you’ve ever used an all weapons cheat, this is basically that. It drops all the weapons in a circle around you, as well as some objective items. So he spent some time tooling about the map with the flag in a head to head slayer game. As if that weren’t enough, he then enabled “jetpack” (one of the dev tools we use to explore environments and NOT a feature from Halo 3) and started to fly around the map, still with the flag. After repeated fly-bys from Bentllama, New0001 eventually threw his controller down in a fit of rage, screamed a string of expletives and stormed off.

New0001 forfeits. Bentllama wins.


Game 3:
CENSORED, normal weapons
Game Duration: 3:43
General Flavor of Game: Graaaaaaape

Ninja and I tried out a smaller, asymmetrical map that’s a lot of fun. Ninja’s been really busy lately so he hasn’t been in as many multiplayer tests as I have and it showed. You guys might remember Frankie talking about how Bungie brought in 45 year old mothers who’ve never touched video games all their life to conduct some research for Halo 2. After this game, Harold decided we could save some money this time around and just use Ninja.

I had my pick of whichever weapon I wanted, so I ran around with a great long-range weapon (you’ll never guess what we call it!) and a devastating medium-range weapon. Ninja ran around like a remote-controlled car operated by a blind, retarded monkey: running into walls, staring at the ground and jumping for no apparent reason.

Ultimately, I came to terms with killing the short-bus-riding monkey and finished the game in decisive fashion.

25 to 7. KP wins.

Sorry to the guys over at Will Clan 4 Food ,we'll get back to you soon. Thanks to the partcipants of this Humpdayand to Ninja for not stabbing me in the parking lot tonight. Maybe.Please?

Maption Sack Double EXP Weekend Live! 

Posted by urk at 9/10/2010 9:09 AM PDT

Oh, we're not done yet!

A 4v4 mix of Double EXP Slayer and Objective gametypes on a whole mess of your own community created maps.

Category: Double EXP Weekend
Max Party: 8
Max Team Size: 4
Heroic/Mythic Map Packs Required
Updated 12/03/2009


  • Team Slayer (33.3%) - First team to 50 kills wins. 12 minute match time limit.
  • Team BRs (21.6%) - First team to 50 kills wins. Players spawn with Battle Rifles and Assault Rifle secondary weapons. 12 minute match time limit.
  • One Flag CTF (11.8%) - Round based Capture the Flag, one team has a flag while the other attempt to capture it. Most captures after four rounds wins. Four minute round time limit.
  • Multi-Flag CTF (21.6%) - Both teams are attempting to capture the other team's flag. First to three captures wins. 20 minute match time limit.
  • Multi-Flag CTF BRs (11.8%) - Both teams are attempting to capture the other team's flag. Battle Rifle starts. First to three captures wins. 20 minute match time limit.


  • Actuality-Break (Foundry)
  • Apex (Sandbox)
  • Backdraft (Sandbox)
  • Battle Dome (Sandbox)
  • Ber Ber Creek (Sandbox)
  • Borderline (Sandbox)
  • Breakdown (Sandbox)
  • Bridgeo's (Sandbox)
  • Chimera (Sandbox)
  • Colonnade (Foundry)
  • Conduction (Sandbox)
  • Coup d'Etat (Sandbox)
  • Cryptic (Sandbox)
  • Cryptic Fate (Sandbox)
  • Deity (Sandbox)
  • Eighty Grit (Sandbox)
  • Elysium (Sandbox)
  • Emperor (Sandbox)
  • Exhibition (Sandbox)
  • Fortress (Sandbox)
  • Fracture (Sandbox)
  • Gauntlet (Sandbox)
  • Haven (Sandbox)
  • IZ9 Courtyard (Sandbox)
  • The Kingdom (Sandbox)
  • Lotus (Sandbox)
  • Neosho (Sandbox)
  • Nocticulent (Sandbox)
  • Onyx (Sandbox)
  • Pantheon (Sandbox)
  • Paranoia (Sandbox)
  • Pilaster (Sandbox)
  • Pivotal (Sandbox)
  • Rat Trap (Sandbox)
  • Ravinia (Sandbox)
  • Reflux (Sandbox)
  • Regicide (Foundry)
  • Reminiscent (Sandbox)
  • Renovation (Sandbox)
  • Requiem (Sandbox)
  • Salvation (Sandbox)
  • Sand Towers (Sandbox)
  • Sentiment (Sandbox)
  • Skystation (Sandbox)
  • Solarium (Sandbox)
  • Static (Sandbox)
  • Stonehenge (Sandbox)
  • Subversive (Sandbox)
  • Synapse (Sandbox)
  • Tartarus (Sandbox)
  • Topple (Sandbox)
  • Transgression (Foundry)
  • Tribal War (Sandbox)
  • Undulation (Sandbox)
  • Vengeance (Sandbox)
  • Workplace Bravo (Sandbox)

Tags: Halo 3


Where's Mah Dooble EXP?! 

Posted by urk at 9/2/2010 5:52 PM PDT

Fix your -blam!-, Bungle!

So, yeah, This week's Double EXP Weekend is running a little behind. I blame Ninja 0n Fire. (He tells me that some fairly large updates are being deployed and as a result, we'll likely not see the Double EXP Weekend go live until tomorrow, or, *gulp* "later").

When it is ready to go, we'll let you know.

'Under Fire' - ubald Render 

Posted by urk at 9/2/2010 9:00 AM PDT

Feet first into awesome.

Looks like ubald unleashed another render over at HBO. This one's a WIP and part of a much larger collection that will ultimately serve as a webcomic. But you should check it out now.

ubald: Halo Rendered Comic

Tags: Halo 3: ODST


Chronicles of ODS Steve #81 

Posted by urk at 9/1/2010 9:30 AM PDT

Faux Chief.

This week's Steve's getting all Batman on some Scarab carapace.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Faux Chief (#81)

Tags: Halo 3: ODST


Top 10 Halo 3 Kills on The Pit: Episode 59 

Posted by urk at 8/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT

You know the deal.

Anoj didn't submit his latest entry to Comm Chatter, but they gang at HBO picked up the slack. Besides, even without Anoj's familiar wordplay, we all know what this video's about anyway. There's like ten kills. You can submit your own for next week if you're astute enough to figure out how to make it happen.

Top 10 Halo 3 Kills on The Pit: Episode 59

Tags: Halo 3



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