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  • Xephyd - J16

  • Firefight Games: 81 – Highest Score: 1,480,302
  • Campaign Games: 98 – Highest Score: 142,309
Dream Crusher! x 19


Vehicular Manslaughter! x 10


Invincible! x 8


Sharpshooter! x 6


Open Season! x 1


Completed Legendary

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Flying around in a sandstorm.
Fast players, slow hills.
Poor peasants are thrust through a chute, into the domain of...
A game variant of Peasant Hunt, Tuesday April 8, 2008 20:11:...
This is the game variant for Duck Hunt. 2-16 players.
Gauss = Zapper. Requires Clay Shooting game variant. 2-16 ...
Possess the Pacskull to become Pacman. Avoid Ghosts unless P...
A maze like crypt made in honor of an ancient video game god...
For use with ohtsam's Minotaur and Invisataur gametypes
Made by Ohtsam
Dig the way to freedom. Use the game variant "TheGreatEscape...
A game variant of Can You Survive, Tuesday July 1, 2008 15:5...
Created by: TwiztedMatt1007 Use with gametype MXD. Works bes...
Created by TwiztedMatt1007 Use with map Elim Chamber. More t...
Once, nearby telescopes listened for a message from the star...