Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
(Last updated March 28th, 2012)

Welcome to, the home of Bungie and the Bungie Community. Pull up a keyboard, keep your pants on, and enjoy your stay. Below are some basic guidelines to help you get the most out of You should also read our Terms of Use.

Stuff That Rocks

  1. Treating everyone with respect.
  2. Making online friends.
  3. Talking about stuff you're interested in.
  4. Sharing the cool stuff you create.
  5. Setting up gaming play dates.
  6. Creating and Joining Private Groups.
  7. Taking responsibility for your own actions.

Stuff That Sucks

  1. Being a Jerk. Especially on the Internet.
  2. Harassing, defaming, or antagonizing people.
  3. Distributing leaked or pirated content, fake or not.
  4. Breaking the law or discussing illegal activity.
  5. Solicitation, plagiarism, phishing, and user impersonation.
  6. Spamming irrelevant or repetitive content.
  7. Posting about politics and religion.

Bungie reserves our right to control this website and everything on it, and these guidelines require you to use your best judgement. Play nice. If you're unsure whether or not the stuff you're about to share with the world is appropriate for, don’t post it. That'll help you stay clear of the Banhammer's blast radius.