Bungie History


On July 7th, 2007, months of work on another project Bungie and its leadership had been dead-set on achieving was complete,  and the studio began to extract itself from Microsoft’s grasp to forge out once again as it had years ago – as an independent game developer.

Legalities prevented the studio from announcing the divestiture until an Oct. 5th announcement, and only a few weeks earlier, surprised and elated Bungie employees were ushered into a rented movie theater for a powerpoint presentation explaining the change coming to the studio.

At the 2008 Winter Pentathlon, Studio Manager and CEO Harold Ryan revealed Bungie’s declaration of independence, a document that looks strangely similar to a much more famous one, and every full-time employee at the studio was asked to sign it.

The Seven Articles of the Bungie Constitution were born.

Now, off of the teat and on its own once again, with a horizon full of opportunities for the studio, what’s next for Bungie?

Hush. If you’re quiet enough, you can hear it on lips of unborn babes.