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Online Stats

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Team Slayer on Blackout, Wednesday April 23, 2008 12:35:43
Team Slayer on Valhalla, Saturday March 29, 2008 00:59:32
Team Slayer on Valhalla, Friday February 13, 2009 16:52:30
best start ever with 2 across map sticks
Accidental noscope.
No Scope across Standoff
Launch off man cannon, barely dodge rocket, stick across ent...
Stuck him from one base to the other
Slayer BRs on Guardian, Wednesday December 31, 2008 16:10:16
2 Flag Heavy on Valhalla, Friday April 3, 2009 20:20:49 I FL...
...a grain of sand?...Nope. Just an enemy warthog.
Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, Sunday May 3, 2009 23:37:26
Across map stick while through man cannon
Slayer on Guardian, Friday October 12, 2007 15:47:43
One Bomb on Valhalla, Sunday October 21, 2007 14:57:02
Lucky shot
Welcome to Thunderdome!
VIP on The Pit, Monday March 31, 2008 19:37:05
Throw plasma granade across map, sticks a warthog, get a dou...
Some decent sniping on Valhalla, not good enough for one pla...
my luckiest NO SCOPE EVER!!!!!!!!!