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sweet way to assassinate
Team Slayer on Narrows, Sunday October 11, 2009 16:07:50
Me and some guy assassinated each other at the same time
Enter: kill steal
Team BRs on Guardian, Sunday October 25, 2009 14:38:15
Running next to the enemy and he didn't notice
Its an art.
My friend ThaMario does something cool
Get in. take out the bodyguards. kill our nation biggest cel...
Slayer BRs on Construct, Thursday January 7, 2010 20:01:20
Worlds best halo 3 ninja. (1st Person)
I love kids who hide in Bubbles. =)
Supplies are running low and your fluffy customers are getti...
Of Awesomeness! Make sure to watch it in 1st person mode. (Y...