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Snipers on Guardian, Saturday May 30, 2009 23:51:38
Best HLG ever. Love the blind guys.
You cant see a thing in this room, and to make it worst, a z...
The Storm on Normal, Tuesday November 22, 2005 07:34:18
Sierra 117 on Normal, Monday June 30, 2008 15:25:33
RACETRACKS on Sandbox, Wednesday July 22, 2009 23:10:24
sight is over-rated - Fanta Fly
2 Flag Heavy on Avalanche, Thursday October 2, 2008 16:54:32
Call it a sixth sense
Complete Maddness with just a hint of Chaos - Use with "Pina...
Play on Parkour- one person teams, no killing
I play the last round of a double EXP Grifball game looking ...