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Throwing nades? Have a warthog.
Video of Elephant flipping over!!! 11/21/2007 :)
Climb up a sandbox base with a chopper and boost off the top...
Rube Goldberg
Hole in one, with style.
Matchmaking icicle jump. (
Suck it, blue !!!
Big Team Slayer on High Ground
revenge of the banshee
Forge film on Avalanche, Thursday June 4, 2009 06:10:07
i deployed the buble shield because i thought we were under ...
Shock Trooper
1 Flag CTF on Last Resort, Sunday June 28, 2009 00:30:57
Schmiede-Film von Sandfalle, Montag, 29. Juni 2009, 21:50:37
In ManCannon Bounce off Bubble Shield back into Cannon then ...
Now you see me. Now you dont
CyberKnight: "Oh, look, it's Ayla! Wait here, Mike, I'll be ...
Elite screams awkwardly
another wtf
1800 degree Barrel-Roll dismount on a Mongoose.
funny as hell!
2 Flag Heavy on Valhalla, Wednesday March 18, 2009 15:50:56
Snake's infamous hotdrop.