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Multi Flag CTF on Standoff, Monday January 21, 2008 16:10:55
Team Slayer on Epitaph, Saturday January 24, 2009 20:51:06
Using one player to kill another is highly underrated, and a...
An amazing save when all hope was almost lost!
Mine + Bubble Shield = destroyed Warthog
special thnx to: xFATxETHIOPIANx, V3g3mit3, xDeceit and Fiji...
Did this guy just get killed by a bubble shield or...
Team Slayer on Last Resort, Thursday March 12, 2009 22:13:05
Squad battle hoggin
Slayer BRs on Construct, Thursday July 16, 2009 15:19:28
first i kill the sniper. yeah, i was a little off with my BR...