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Team Slayer on Epitaph, Saturday January 24, 2009 20:51:06
Slayer BRs on Guardian, Wednesday December 3, 2008 18:08:51
Killing Frenzy, Slice n' Dice. Slayer on The Pit, Wednesday ...
Why camp with the shotgun when I can camp with the warthog.
Big Team Slayer on High Ground, Sunday July 12, 2009 01:27:1...
Team BRs on Orbital, Thursday July 16, 2009 20:15:32
The humans camp as usual, but that wont save them from me!
when you try to betray
Team Slayer on Isolation, Thursday July 24, 2008 22:11:35
how not to start a campfire
The sky is the last place you would expect brutes to build. ...
Slayer on The Pit, Wednesday August 19, 2009 20:15:45