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Team BRs on Snowbound, Sunday January 4, 2009 16:55:21
Team Slayer on Blackout, Thursday February 12, 2009 16:43:04
Team Slayer on Construct, Sunday January 25, 2009 22:34:13
Team Slayer on Epitaph, Saturday January 24, 2009 20:51:06
ranked extermination with br no reload
Double warty fake + frontside torso + 180 backside head grin...
perfect execution
I was actualy aiming for the ghost...
Double stick on a hog = Good fun!
December 17, 2008 - Double kill ricochet
One shot two kills
HBK Dew Man gets what could be the longest grenade double ki...
double double
It's a one in a million.