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Team BRs on Standoff, Wednesday August 6, 2008 22:32:48
A direct rocket launcher hit then no scoped.
Infection on Foundry, Sunday July 27, 2008 18:26:07
Team Snipers on High Ground, Sunday July 27, 2008 20:49:50
So close to a triple kill
THE sickest 2 for 1 snipe in Halo history. Snipe a guy off t...
Please recomend 2 frinds & recent players. Send me a video i...
Karma says respect your kill.
He never saw it coming... but then I guess I didn't either.
No Scope Double Kill Ricochet
Team Snipers on Valhalla, Tuesday August 26, 2008 23:51:18
Big Team Slayer on Standoff, Thursday August 28, 2008 22:45:...
MLG Team King on The Pit, Sunday August 31, 2008 18:08:46