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Team Slayer on Last Resort, Friday July 30, 2010 21:53:58
Skybox race track, which side will you choose? Made by Circa...
Elite Slayer on High Ground, Sunday August 1, 2010 17:24:31
I think there's an Elite in the Spartan patch
[color argb=#FFb139b5]Hey[controller0_gamertag/][/color] [co...
I try to jump into an elephant but instead I float over it!
Don't stand near one another.
Forge film on Sandbox, Saturday August 21, 2010 02:30:09
Randomness can be your greatest weapon.
Whatever just happend, I blame Stosh!
Smash together in ghosts in this tight circular area.
1 Flag BRs on Longshore, Friday August 27, 2010 18:46:35
Bumper Cars on Sandbox, Sunday August 29, 2010 14:52:14