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  • 53%

  • Created 10.16.2009 by
1 weak fast zombie + lots of slow moving indestructible zomb...
The most pathedic way to get it and in ranked BTB
invincible banshee
A fun map for infection for large amounts of players.- Human...
Basically got an invincible in a warthog.
SWAT 2 Flag 在 SWAT Stop,2009年10月26日,星期一,12:01:58
completely indestructible
Warthog, need a lift?
The Best Warthog Driver Ever...
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap, Thursday January 21, 2010 22:17...
Shotty Snipers 12/01/07 x1PMac1x playing for Juancho
INVINCIBLE and then some w-my wheelman k1ng2h1t
SWAT Magnums on Construct, Friday June 5, 2009 16:49:43
Team SWAT on Guardian, Friday June 5, 2009 17:10
In a 4 v 4!
BANSHEE MANUAL: Hated by some, loved by other. You still can...
Got invicible with Laxkid339 in the warthog and also a 45 ki...