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Team Slayer on Guardian, Wednesday April 9, 2008 16:50:48
how to kill 7 ppl
Killamanjaro, another overkill, and Slice&Dice!
my first killamanjaro
Slayer on Epitaph, Sunday September 14, 2008 23:26:39
KILLTASTROPHE [should have been killpocalypse]
You always remember your first.
Lone Wolves, BR skills!
With a Hell's Janitor.
Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, Sunday January 18, 2009 22:42:...
Grifball on Foundry, Sunday February 8, 2009 15:50:43
Killamanjaro in just over a minute.
Killamanjaro! (Social Living Dead)
Team Slayer on Snowbound