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Online Stats

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Lucky killtacular earned in a ranked Team SWAT match.
An overkill with one laser on DLC Big Team Slayer on Avalanc...
Grifball on Foundry, Saturday October 18, 2008 16:32:40
Mongoose Mowdown!
Amazing Killionaire!
Symetrical map with four levels to it. 4-12 players
Slayer BRs on Narrows, Friday August 13, 2010 00:14:54
My Respect For I3U7VG1E.
Big Team Slayer on Standoff, Sunday October 5, 2008 22:36:05
AGLA - Grifball on Sandbox, Friday June 4, 2010 20:33:13
A symmetrical version of Foundry. 4-12 players
A symmetrical version of Foundry. 4-12 players
Go down below to find the power core and see if there is a w...