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Team BRs on Construct, Saturday March 15, 2008 19:49:52 foot
A game variant of SPARTANBOMBBALL, Saturday August 16, 2008 ...
After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending m...
Juggernaut on Narrows, Sunday January 18, 2009 02:59:07
Team BRs on Narrows, Saturday January 17, 2009 22:49:58
Bounce and Lazer !
Nade up lift and BR ftw
No Scope off the lift followed by a surprising double
See my levitation act
Team BRs on Construct, Thursday March 19, 2009 15:03:07
When inanimate objects strike back!
all shall be tormented in this divine wrath. 2-8 players, sl...
Me flying and getting lucky stick
Team Slayer on Construct, Monday January 5, 2009 15:30:58
Team Snipers on Valhalla, Friday April 10, 2009 09:08:02