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3rd Person view of swod dodge with a plasma
dodge sword with a plasma
Team Snipers on Construct, Friday January 25, 2008 02:08:37
Why did I throw that 'nade??
This is the almighty prototype R.I.P it is the humans respo...
Total Insanity! Try to survive if you can.
Team Slayer on Construct, Saturday April 12, 2008 02:48:52
Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, Monday November 3, 2008 22:25:...
Team Slayer on High Ground, Monday November 10, 2008 17:06:0...
Shotty Snipers on Narrows, Tuesday February 26, 2008 21:15:2...
Team Slayer on Valhalla, Tuesday November 11, 2008 18:55:35