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get some
Shotty Snipers on Narrows, Tuesday October 28, 2008 21:24:12
Extermination of MLG Team Ball Grabbers on Guardian, 08/25/0...
Team Snipers on Snowbound, Saturday February 28, 2009 08:00:...
showing the strategy used.
Team Slayer on The Pit, Sunday November 2, 2008 19:32:19
One Bomb on Avalanche, Friday November 7, 2008 23:27:23
easiest overkill
Lucky tripmine activation results in this great overkill, ef...
Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, Saturday January 3, 2009 20:51...
Team BRs on Last Resort, Monday December 22, 2008 03:13:33
who needs ball time
It only takes a sniper.
Banshee Overkill and Killtrocity in under 50 seconds. (old)