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Oh...Oh...Overkill! Lone Wolves, Slayer
Oddball on Guardian, Sunday December 2, 2007 12:07:57
This is why the "single-file" strategy never caught on in Te...
Oddball on Snowbound, Legit.
Swords on Snowbound, Saturday December 8, 2007 20:15:38
Shotty Snipers on The Pit, Friday November 23, 2007 02:37:53
Team Slayer on Guardian, Monday December 10, 2007 05:46:38
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap, Thursday December 6, 2007 16:31...
Laser extermination in ranked team slayer
The only way I can
and immediately dying
Oddball on Guardian, Thursday December 20, 2007 08:55:38
Me converting 4 files to .pwn format...
3 no scope shots that resulted in 4 kills (2 headshots) and ...
HC Neutral Bomb on Narrows, Tuesday January 8, 2008 20:34:56