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I die bounce in the air lose my smg land dead get up and hop...
ODST's are nothing compared to a Spartan... NOTHING!!!
Its 5 lazer kills. The secound shot kills 2 of them.
Chopper backflip off the corner of a wall - splatter - lande...
Team Slayer on Avalanche, Saturday March 14, 2009 08:05:10
I can haz ReC0n?
Bankshot with sticky
Slice n dice, Saturday April 11, 2009 22:52:02
Really Guys? The Hog. You just saw my 2-4-1
MLG Team King on Construct, Saturday March 21, 2009 18:45:47
GTFO! 4 T3H LAWLz XD coming to the rescue with a nice noscope
Miracle stick
embarassing the overshield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because its always good to have somebody watching your back.
i also got a splatter spree right before this...
The Funiest Thing you will see in halo