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Online Stats

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1 Flag CTF on Avalanche, Friday April 3, 2009 00:49:02
Team BRs on Valhalla, Wednesday March 18, 2009 17:00:40
1 Flag CTF on High Ground, Thursday April 2, 2009 20:36:15
Really Guys? The Hog. You just saw my 2-4-1
MLG Team King on Construct, Saturday March 21, 2009 18:45:47
Team Snipers on Standoff, Tuesday October 7, 2008 15:57:53
bandits steal a disiel but they dont know that it is full of...
My lazer!
2 Flag Doubles on The Pit, Monday February 2, 2009 19:50:50
2 overkills right after each other
Team BRs on Construct, Tuesday July 7, 2009 09:07:22
Alpha Zombie on The Pit, Tuesday August 19, 2008 14:08:40
Miracle stick
I observe the game from my undead body. Most bizarre play
Only on Halo! With a guest star! DL to see who it is!
...And a extermination too!
Elephant sends me flying across the level and into the mines...
Conker Evolve customs fun =P
Part one due to render minutes. Watch as I ruin Christmas da...
-Sworn Assassin