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Team BRs on The Pit, Tuesday August 11, 2009 23:22:46
Shotty Snipers on Ghost Town, Wednesday August 12, 2009 21:2...
Team BRs on Construct, Saturday August 15, 2009 21:49:58
I own with this triple kill and prove im not a noob.
The sky is the last place you would expect brutes to build. ...
Although the Brute occupiers have been driven from this anci...
Team Snipers on High Ground, Saturday August 22, 2009 08:27:...
a great place for team slayer. 2-16 players
I shoot the driver of the lead mongoose and then FAIL.
made by me and pryt0x needs race n' snipe map
Shotty Snipers on The Pit, Monday August 24, 2009 23:14:27
Team Snipers on Rat's Nest, Tuesday March 24, 2009 09:13:45