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Grifball Winter League 2009 Official Map. Visit www.grifball...
My gunner & I got 199 wheelmens
Team SWAT on Narrows, Sunday March 1, 2009 19:31:33
Achievement unlocked
I spawn between 2 peeps & kill them.
i doubble killed the same 2 prople with in 10 secounds
Barrel Roll to get hit guy in the face
Proof spawns are broken
Made me ROFL
Decided to throw a plasma into the gravlift and stuck the gu...
Halo hat KEIN Spawn-Problem
Guy trys tosnipe my teammate but shoots right over the targe...
Territories on Avalanche, Thursday October 9, 2008 16:12:28
I shoot an enemy with the laser and get a double kill as his...