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Mongoose splatter spree.
VehicularManslaughter, 12splatters shoulda BeenAtLeast15NPos...
Team Slayer on Sandbox, Thursday July 2, 2009 17:06:12
Just wachts
Brawl Slayer on Sandbox, Sunday October 4, 2009 23:38:16
Invincible, 2x Splatter Sprees, 2x Vehicular Manslaughters, ...
Luck and skill lands me 8 splatters
1 Flag CTF on Last Resort, Thursday March 11 2010
1 Flag BRs on Orbital, Friday April 9, 2010 18:42:44
Team BRs on Sandbox, Saturday September 26, 2009 03:40:46
i also got a splatter spree right before this...
Multi Flag CTF on Sandbox, and Im mowing em down with a21 KI...
perfection + rampage + 3 different sprees = fun
Achievement unlocked
Part one due to render minutes. Watch as I ruin Christmas da...
50G for the ride jump in I have a license I sware