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4 triple kills 2 overkills 1 extermination killing frenzy RA...
Team SWAT on Construct, Tuesday November 22, 2005 07:23:47
SWAT. Lone Wolves style. Battle Rifle starts. Aim for the he...
Team SWAT on Construct, Saturday May 10, 2008 00:18:49
Sweet Xtermination w\ Frenzy.
Team SWAT on Guardian, Tuesday May 13, 2008 13:43:59
Team SWAT on Blackout, Thursday January 1, 2009 13:39:50
velincia's 1/1000000000 chance of getting a overkill
No shields. BR/Magnum start. First person to 25 wins!
Team SWAT is great. But what about an indoor Team SWAT game ...
50-49 game where I won it with an overkill/extermination.
Team King on Avalanche, Saturday May 31, 2008 17:07:11
A game variant of Laser Tag, Sunday June 8, 2008 19:22:01
Bring your SWAT game face to this new map consisting of twis...
SWAT 2 Flag on SWAT Pit, Friday June 13, 2008 16:10:16
Team SWAT on Ghost Town SWAT, Saturday June 14, 2008 01:21:4...