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At 63 to 148 in Oddball, I was ready to give up but somehow ...
Space! The final frontier is just outside. This map allows p...
as im jumping i barely snipe a guy on my way down
Hardly fair... for you!
Team Slayer on Snowbound, Sunday October 5, 2008 18:02:41
Team Snipers on The Pit, Thursday October 16, 2008 15:09:37
Hahaha OMG...
Why shield doors? JUST WHY!
Rampage! Perfection!
Drive your VIP to each of the goal points. First team to 10 ...
WE fell behind and Came back with Revenge _BEST 2 vs 2
Team BRs on Guardian, Tuesday February 3, 2009 22:13:54
Team BRs on Isolation, Saturday January 31, 2009 13:34:23
Matt got stuck but the nade kills me an not him