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Flipper The banshee
Happy New Year from M3CH4, Shadowfox, and Cloudy Wolf!
MLG FFA on Guardian, Monday December 14, 2009 15:38:24
road kill x2 TK style
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap, Wednesday April 28, 2010 20:26:...
Team Snipers on Avalanche, Tuesday May 18, 2010 18:05:56
I didnt even see the second hog :)
Multi Flag CTF on Avalanche, Wednesday December 17, 2008 22:...
Bumper Cars on Sandbox, Sunday August 29, 2010 14:52:14
In hindsight, I don't think the Warthog should have been my ...
Tripmine Double Kill on an Elephant with my Flames on, on Bi...