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unlucky mid air kill
One Bomb on Sandtrap, Wednesday April 21, 2010 19:27:38
sticky gets stuck in the wheel
Team BRs on Valhalla, Wednesday June 23, 2010 00:21:01
Stupid grenades
I would like to know how I killed myself...
Who put that there?
revenge of the banshee
What started as an innocent powerslide ended badly for an ai...
1 Flag Classic on Last Resort, Saturday September 4, 2010 20...
Very unlucky
Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla, Friday July 3, 2009 20:07:09
Traitor Edition
Pas de chance pour moi ; je croi que j'ai lancé ma grenade p...
1 Flag Doubles on Blackout, Sunday May 10, 2009 19:50:42
Karma....? Cosmic Justice? Flat out WTF? ....You Decide.
During a BTB game, the entire enemy team spawns 10 feet in f...