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Your WTF level has increased +5!
It didn't lift me up where it was supposed to be ...
Save One Bullet on Rat's Nest, Sunday June 21, 2009 15:13:16
The best Bulltrue in the World!!!! SERIOUSLY"!!
My Spartan commits suicide for no reason whatsoever.
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap, Sunday August 9, 2009 20:35:51
Spartan gets naughty..
The floor sucks me in. :o
Big Splockets on Avalanche, Wednesday April 8, 2009 14:57:15
A weird glitch occured when the zombie stepped on my head!
WARNING! - Too much action can cause the player to go "BOOM!...
2 Flag Heavy on Valhalla, Thursday June 18, 2009 19:46:46
Save One Bullet on High Ground, Saturday June 20, 2009 14:43...