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Once you’re in the thick of battle, it’s too late to make preparations. Make sure you get familiar with Loadouts fast. Loadouts are combinations of primary and secondary weapons, Armor Abilities, and grenades that you can choose from to tailor your individual play. At the outset of most gametypes, you will be given the option to choose from one of several Loadouts that contain distinct weapons, grenade types, and Armor Abilities. If you don’t like the build you began with, you can swap it out by pressing X during your respawn window.

Loadouts can and will change based on the playlist and gametype you are playing. Certain gametypes, such as Invasion, will also stagger Loadouts, with new and more powerful builds becoming available as each game progresses. Even if you are doing well with a certain Loadout, you might want to check the offerings from time to time to see if you could be doing even better!