Find your stats!

Before you head straight in, you might want to check out the Active Roster. It’s fancy. Not only will it let you see exactly what your friends are doing in Halo: Reach , including details covering which game mode they’re playing and whether or not they are currently joinable, it’ll also let you Queue Join a party that’s already mid game, instead of trying to coordinate with a friend who’s busy in a match.

Here’s how it works:

Active Roster

This subtle, yet powerful feature displays the activities your friends are engaged in at a glance and allows you to quickly join their game, invite them to your squad, or get into a queue if they’re in the middle of a match. You’ll never have to press the guide button again. Once you experience the ease in which Active Roster allows you to link up with your friends, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


In Reach, you can automatically join together with your friend(s) as soon as they’re out of their game. Just highlight them in Active Roster and select “Queue Join” from the menu. Both parties will be notified that pending the completion of the current game, they’ll be paired together in a squad.

Connection Options & Social Settings
Prioritize what’s most important to you in your online experience! Define your preferred matching criteria and toggle settings that can add an additional layer of logic when it comes time to finding teammates to get paired with.

In Reach, players will have a greater degree of control over what game variants and maps they play within each playlist. Once players are matched into a group, the game will provide a default option and up to three alternatives. The game variant and map is chosen by the majority of votes.

File Sharing & Content Creation
Reach will build upon the content creation tools and features first introduced in Halo 3. In the Beta, players will be able to create Saved Films and Screenshots, upload them to, and add or query content using keyword “tags”– all without ever leaving the game. And where Halo 3 had a limit of 100 custom content items, in Reach you’ll be able to have THOUSANDS of custom content items!